Cambodia’s First International Film Festival: CAMBOFEST

CamboFest Cambodia's First International Film Festival

Cambofest Cambodia film festival, known fully as CamboFest: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia, is the first internationally recognized film festival to take place in Cambodia since the end of the Khmer Rouge era.  Established in 2007/2550, CamboFest’s pioneering efforts encouraged the startup of a number of other film festivals in Cambodia, and the ASEAN (SE Asia) region.
CamboFest was established in 2007 (2550 Buddhist calendar), and is the first international movie festival in Cambodia. Upon its launch, the event became the first regular international movie event to take place in Cambodia since the Khmer Rouge era.
The festival has since paved the way for numerous other Cambodian and Cambodia-themed film festival events which followed.
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“His Majesty the King-Father asked me to thank you on His behalf. He read with great interest your report about your activities in reviving the cinema industry in Cambodia” – From the cabinet of H. M. The King-Father Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia

CamboFest, Cambodia Film Festival received thanks from H.E. King Father Sihanouk for the events efforts at redeveloping a cinema sector in Cambodia

Unlike other cinema events in Cambodia which are funded by international government or NGO organizations, CamboFest is a truly independent festival undertaking. The festival is intended to be a primarily entertaining independent platform for showcasing international and local film and video makers in order to help revive a bona fide cinema industry and movie culture in Cambodia.
CamboFest is a private sector, grass roots undertaking. The festival receives no funding from the Cambodian government and continues to welcome in-kind and financial support from a variety of individual and institutional contributors around the world. Contact CamboFest with inquiries!
CamboFest staffer Phun Sokunthearith holds the Grabay Meas (Golden Waterbuffalo) award, while CamboFest founder and filmmaker Jason Rosette and staffer Narith Hoo look on.
Poster Design for CamboFest, Cambodia's First International Film Festival
CamboFest Tuk Tuk - celebrating Cambodia's first international film festival event since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime
CamboFest, Cambodia's First Film Festival - Filmmaker Yvon Hem wins the Grabay Meas 'Golden Buffalo' Award
CAMBOFEST, Cambodia’s first internationally recognized movie festival event since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime, was established in 2007/2550 and is organized by a diverse staff of volunteers.
A grass roots, private sector event, CamboFest continues to bring an eclectic, entertaining and informative range of movies and motion media to Cambodia while respecting the copyrights of all submitted and participating films.